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Let's get to know each other better , this is our story.

June 2021

Launch of WeOxide Marketplace

We have established a community of gamers and lovers of the game called Rust , we shared 1 passion and that was creating and designing more and more maps and monuments for it. We decided to give our community a name and share it with the public.

August 2021

Hosting Started

After the marketplace was embraced nicely by a decent amount of users and the feedback was great we decided to push further and provide our gamers not only with assets for their servers but also provide them servers ! And not only for Rust.

December 2021


We started having more and more users both for marketplace and hosting and therefore we also started having demand for server locations outside of Europe! We expanded our services to United States

July 2022


Another big step for us was expansion of our services to Australia and United Kingdom


WeOxide started as a marketplace

with the months passing by we are slowly expanding and evolving into multiple domains to provide cheap and quality digital services for our fellow gamers
At WeOxide we're all gamers , we love to play the games we host and have fun with no lag or delay!

As a small hosting company we will not fail to provide you with only the best resources for your game servers as we know the struggle out there for several server owners that are misunderstood and have alot of pression on their backs because of servers not working properly as they meant to.
Sick of being misunderstood or ignored? We don't do that here , we are fellow gamers and understand the struggle!

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