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Downtime for Virginia - Resolved

  • 24th January 2024
There is an ongoing downtime for  Virginia suddenly crashed and investigating , please bare with us as this was a huge change for us and we were totally not prepared , new machines will be installed very soon to accomodate more people properly! Update 9:15 PM - Still investigating , we're terribly sorry for the wait but we are making sure ...
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Australia and South Africa Location Closure

  • 24th January 2024
As of today unfortunately we will close down our locations in South Africa and Australia. Australia has been one of our locations for a year and a half and we've tried as much as possible to make it succed but after so much time with no luck we decided it is no longer worth it. South Africa was our attempt at expanding back in October and ...
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Palworld And Expansion! Dallas Seattle and Virginia

  • 24th January 2024
First of all i'd like to thank all of you for the support and orders we received from you in the past 24h  , it was a pleasant surprise to receive so many orders in such a short amount of time and out of nowhere , we've found out that thanks to one of our customers who mentioned us on a reddit thread this happened. So now we're ...
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Rust servers maintenance! Integrating RCON Panel

  • 13th August 2022

Maintenance on all Rust servers Monday 9 AM CET until 10 AM CET !

Servers might be down for 5-10 minutes each to migrate to other rust core compatible with our new RCON Panel features !

Nothing will be removed , everything will be kept intact ! 

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